Bath Remodeling

Has your bathroom become a place of havoc rather than a sanctuary?

Bathrooms are part of the house where efficiency and organization and comfort all need to blend into one.  A spacious, organized, tastefully decorated bathroom is a wonderful start and end to your day.  Whether it’s a hall bathroom shared by many members of the household to a master suite, making use of every bit of space is important. The correct lighting or the perfect tub can play a large role in everyone’s mood.  And your entire home reaps the benefits of making this investment.  Our design team will work with you and your budget to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Some decisions to keep in mind when remodeling the bathroom:

  • There are many floor options, what will fit your budget? Tile-porcelain or marble, LVP or sheet vinyl?
  • Does the bathroom have natural light? Do you need additional lighting?
  • Is there flexibility in increasing the space itself – i.e. eliminate the tub to gain a larger shower?
  • How important is a bathtub for you? If a tub is important you need to be able to sit in the one you are interested in purchasing, a tub needs to be comfortable.
  • What works best within your budget: tile or onyx shower, cultured marble or fiberglass?
  • What shower material will be the easiest to maintain?
  • On the vanity area- Granite or quartz, onyx or cultured marble? What style of Cabinets do you prefer painted / glazed look or stained?
  • How is the storage- do you need additional cabinetry?

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