Tub Cutouts

Walk-in-Tub & Shower Conversion

When it comes to accessibility for Tubs & Showers, the options can get quite pricey!

We offer a unique option that is a little more budget friendly than the average in regards to replacement with NO construction.

With our Walk in Tub Conversions, we cut a section out of the front wall of the tub and finish it off to make it look like it was manufactured this way!!

The average cut out is 24” wide, and 10” down from the top of the wall (varies per tub). The entire bathtub is refinished with this process so it is a “like new” look that comes with a 5 year warranty!

From start to finish this is a 3 consecutive day process.

This process can be performed on: Fiberglass, Steel, Cast Iron, and Cultured Marble

This process CAN BE reversed any time!! 

We can also provide grab bars for added safety!

On the flip side we can replace your tub / shower and go back with either a “walk in” or “barrier free” style shower. These can be built from: Tile, Onyx, or Cultured Marble

Bench Seats or Wall Mount Seats can be added, caddies or niches for holding soap & shampoo can be added anywhere in these showers, and grab bars in all of the metal finishes.


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